What Is Size Does 2t Fit?


T2 or 2T stands for 2 Toddler. Consumer Reports advises that an averaged-sized 2-year-old (a toddler in the 50th percentile for height and weight) can probably wear a size 3. A large 2-year-old would wear a size 4. A 2T would be slightly smaller than a child's size 2.
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Size 2T clothing can fit toddlers aged two. Toddler clothing sizes are based on the age of the child in years. Toddlers' clothes are marked by the T that comes after the number. The best and most durable clothes for toddlers are those made from cotton.
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A 2T size cloth will fit on a toddler who's height is 32 to 34 and weight is 25lbs to 29lbs. ...
Size 2T is 2 toddlers. Toddler clothes are slightly smaller than the same size without the T (children's size). In addition, pants are cut with room for a diaper ...
2T is for children who have started moving around, so they are leaner whereas size 2 is for matured ladies. ...
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