How to Be Snarky.?


1. State the obvious. The key to being snarky is to point out everyone's flaws and imperfections. If your friend complains that she can't find anything in her closet to wear, suggest snidely that if she stopped eating those donuts she'd be able to
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testy or irritable; short.
having a rudely critical tone or manner: snarky humor.
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Snarky: catty, sarcastic, insulting in an amusing
It is as old as the hills.
Here's one that may or may not be what you're looking for, from Cicero's Verrine Oration I.1.3. Verres, you may recall, was the astonishingly corrupt and kleptomaniacal governor of
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Snarky is a rude or disrespectful person. The person may not always be that way, but when someone is in a rude, disrespecting mood, they could be described as ...
This is the kind of self-congratulatory group hug we usually see from well-meaning people, It's show-and-tell. And I should add, before continuing to sound snarky ...
Today, is one of the most popular celebrity gossip blogs online. The format includes posts written in a sarcastic or snarky tone with Perez's handwritten ...
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