What Is Soc Medium?


SOC medium is known as Catabolise repression. SOC medium helps plasmids to get transformed at a higher rate. It’s a product from Bio line Company used in the recovery step of Ecolab competent cell transformations.
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SOC Medium refers to a rich medium that is mainly used to aid recovery of bacteria competent cells after transformation. An SOC medium improves the molecular uptake and stabilizes the cells rapidly at the same time hence maximizing the efficiency of competent cells.
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If you look at the recipes for SOC media ( http://www.thelabrat.com/protocols/15.sh…. and LB media ( http://www.thelabrat.com/protocols/11.sh…. you'll see that there
The components of the SOC medium are:0.5% Yeast Extract 2% Tryptone 10 mM NaCl 2.5 mM KCl 10 mM MgCl2 10 mM MgSO420 mM Glucose**Note: add Glucose after autoclaving the solution
(Super Optimal broth with Catabolite Repression) SOC media has glucose where as Luria Broth (LB) doesn't. SOB also has a more delicate salt balance. Naturally the glucose will help
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If you look at the recipes for SOC media ( http://www.thelabrat.com/protocols/15.sh… and LB media ( http://www.thelabrat.com/protocols/11.sh… you'll ...
SOC media is a type of cellular growth medium used for bacterial growth studies. It usually contains .5% yeast extract, 2% tryptone, 10 mM (millimolarity) sodium ...
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