What Is Steve Wozniak Doing Now?


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Steve Wozniak
Born: August 11, 1950
Birthplace: San Jose, California
Steve Wozniak is an American computer engineer who co-founded Apple Computer.
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Steve Wozniak is a renown computer scientist famous for co-founding apple computer, inc. He is much credited due to his contribution to the era of computer revolution of the 1970's. Currently, he is a very successful entrepreneur and he is the C.E.O of the Wozniak Company Limited.
Known to the world simply as 'Woz,' Steve Wozniak is the computer whiz who with Steve Jobs created the Apple Computer company in 1976. Wozniak was the computer guru, Jobs the design and business brains, and together they created the early Apple personal c
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Stephen Wozniak is an American computer engineer who founded Apple Computer!
Steve Wozniak is a co-founder of Apple Computers. He competed for market share with Bill Gate's company, which is called Microsoft. Apple went on to make overpriced computers and
If you read his biography, iWoz, you'll find that he may indeed have been at HP his entire life if it weren't for Jobs. Woz was quite reluctant to leave, and initially tried to get
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Steve Wozniak was born on 11th of August 1950. He is a very famous computer engineer. Woz has been interested in electronics since childhood. He made wonderful ...
Steve Wozniak was born in the early fifties in California. Steve Wozniak started out in the computer business along side Steve Jobs. They started Apple Computers ...
Steve Wozniak's current net worth is in excess of $100 million as of December 2012. He was one of the initial founders of the Apple Corporation. ...
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