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Telecommunication refers to a mode of communication where transmission of messages occurs over significant distances. Modern telecommunications includes the use of electrical devices such as telegraphs, teletypes, telephones, radio and microwave communications, fibre optics, earth orbiting satellites and the Internet.
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(used with a singular verb) the transmission of information, as words, sounds, or images, usually over great distances, in the form of electromagnetic signals, as by telegraph, telephone, radio, or television.
(used with a singular verb) the science and technology of such communication.
a message so transmitted.
of or pertaining to telecommunications.
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Telecommunications refers to the transmission of messages over a distance via several means like cables, telegraphs, telephones, and broadcasting. Most ancient means of communication like the use of drums, and smoke signals also fall under telecommunications.
Telecommunication is the transmission of information over great distances to communicate. A complete, single telecommunications circuit is composed of two stations which are both equipped with a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter and receiver at any station may be combined into a single device called a transceiver. The medium of signal transmission can be electrical wire or cable (also known as 'copper'), optical fibre or electromagnetic fields.
Telecommunication is the transfer of messages, over considerable distances, for the purpose of communication by means of communication equipment such as phones.
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Telecommunications is exchanging of information or communication at a distance by electronic means. Transmitting of this information can be done by telegraph, cable, telephone, radio
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