What are the five fastest animals?


The 5 fastest land based animals include the cheetah, pronghorn antelope, lion, Thompson's gazelle and wildebeest. A cheetah in the Cincinnati Zoo broke the world record to become the fastest of all land based animals, covering 100m in 6.13 seconds.
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The fastest animal in the world is the cheetah which runs at 114 kilometres per hour, and the second fastest animal is the Pronghorn Antelope which runs at an average speed of 95 kilometres per hour. The third fastest animal is the blue wild beast which reaches an average speed of 80 kilometres per hour, followed by the lion which runs at an average speed of 80 kilometres per hour. The fifth fastest animal is the Springbok which runs at an average speed of 80 kilometres per hour.
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The fastest animal on the planet is known to be the cheetah which is a land animal. However, the peregrine falcon is known to be faster in air with a speed of ...
The ostrich is the fastest animal on two legs. The main diet of ostriches comprises of plant matter and invertebrates. An ostrich which belongs to the genus Struthio ...
The fastest water animal is the sailfish. The sailfish has fins that are built for speed, and when swimming it folds its fins to enable it to move smoothly through ...
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