What Is the Best Way to Tie Someone up?


The best way to tie someone up is by using a rope and bindings. You will tie the subject's upper legs, elbows, wrists and ankles when he is on the ground in the prone position.
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How to Tie Someone Up
Many see bondage as an erotic art form while others view it as a means of self-defense. Whether you are practicing a way to keep your prisoner at bay or exploring sexual expression, tying someone up should always be performed with the utmost care and... More »
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The best way to tie someone up is with their hands behind their back. This will prevent them from being able to get out of the bonds. Just make sure you have the consent of the person you're tying up first.
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1. Find four strands of rope varying in size from 6 to 8 feet in length. Use the longer pieces to tie your prisoner's upper legs and elbows together while using the shorter strands
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To tie someone up, it is best to start by tying their wrists behind their back using a strong knot. From there tie their ankles in a similar way. ...
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