What Is the Correct Way to Shave Legs?


There are different ways that you can use in order to shave the legs correctly. The ways include wetting the legs and sharp razor with warm water, apply shaving gel or cream on the legs and slide the razor up your legs until no more hair is left.
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How to Shave Legs
Shaving legs is a skill that you don't want to master through trial and error. Leg shaving mistakes can be painful and result in lifelong scars and possibly even infection from dangerous bacteria. Learn how to shave legs today, and eliminate the... More »
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1. Experiment with different types of razors. Try both electric (dry) and different types of disposable. Start with a single-blade disposable and try moving to razors with more blades
If you haven't begun to shave your upper leg yet, you can still do it just to the knee. It saves half of the time.
Bruno Monsaingeon is technically correct in this film. As. Delwin Campbell. says in his answer, /bax/ is the correct German pronunciation. However, the [x] sound, a voiceless velar
I think that its up to how hairy and 'bush like' (lol) your legs look. So probably 11-13 years old would be a good age. Hope it helps :
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