What exactly is the definition of a FOB?


free on board. free on board: without charge to the buyer for goods placed on board a carrier at the point of shipment:\\. or FOB. –noun. 1. a small pocket just below the waistline in trousers for a watch, keys, change, etc. Compare watch pocket. 2.
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a small pocket just below the waistline in trousers for a watch, keys, change, etc.
a short chain or ribbon, usually with a medallion or similar ornament, attached to a watch and worn hanging from a pocket.
the medallion or ornament itself.
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FOB Destination means that the seller owns the goods until the buyer receives them. Therefore, the seller pays the shipping costs. FOB Shipping means that the buyer owns the goods
According to urbandictionary.com, FOB stands for "Fresh of Boat". It is a cruel term used to describe recent Asian immigrants.
Free On Board is a shipping term that indicates that when a company purchases supplies, the supplier is responsible for the supplies, and therefore pays the cost of shipping and insurance
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FOB is an acronym for Free On Board, which is a term used in shipment of goods meaning that the shipping costs up to the point of destination have already been ...
The definition of freight allowed such as F.O.B. freight allowed is that it's an agreement that is worked out between a buyer and a seller. The seller gives the ...
Freight on board which is a term that is abbreviated as FOB can be defined as the place where acquired goods will be shipped without transportation charge. However ...
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