What Is the Definition of Gender Neutral?


Many wonder what is the definition of gender neutral. It pertains to language that does not refer to gender in words that portray people. For instance, 'chairman' should be replaced with 'chairperson', which is gender-neutral.
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[jen-der-noo-truhl, -nyoo-]
noting or pertaining to a word that does not refer to one sex only: Firefighter is a gender-neutral term.
using words wherever appropriate that are free of reference to gender: gender-neutral language.
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Neutral means neither for or against. Transmissions have a neutral gear where they will not go forward or backward.
Being gender neutral with respects to hiring is abstaining from judgment based on stereotypes pertaining to men and women. Instead of viewing a young female with a ring on her left
1. Eliminate all bright colors from your wardrobe. Color screams femininity, so leave it alone to gain gender neutrality. Keep and buy clothes that are khaki, white and black. Muted
Not being specific to one gender or another.
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