What Is the Difference between Melting and Dissolving?


The difference between melting and dissolving is that melting involves a change of the physical state from a solid to a liquid while dissolving is a process in which liquid solute or solid solute compound dissolves to form a solution. Dissolving requires a solute, but melting doesn't. The rate of dissolution and melting depends on the chemical components of solute and solvent.
Q&A Related to "What Is the Difference between Melting and Dissolving"
To melt is to go from solid form to a liquid state. To dissolve is to disintegrate, or terminate.
The difference between insure and ensure is insure is the state of finding insurance for someone or something. Ensure is the act of making someone certin of a situation or someone.
Melting is a solid substance that liquidizes (due to heat making the molecules move around) dissolving is a substance that decomposes into a another liquid, (like salt in water)
The melting point is the temperature, measured in degrees Celsius or Kelvin and the heat of fusion is the energy and measured in Joules.
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