What is the difference between positive integers and non-negative integers?


The difference between the positive and non positive integers is that the non negative integers positive integers includes natural numbers starting from 1,2,3 €¦. And so on while non negative integer involves natural numbers starting from 0, 1, 2.. and so on.
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According to the basic concepts of mathematics, there is absolutely no difference between a positive number and a non negative number. A positive number is one that is greater than zero or equivalent to zero while a non-negative number is a number that is greater than zero or equivalent to zero.
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Zero belongs to the second set but not the first.
Zero IS an integer, but it is neither postive or negative. It is sometimes called "non-negative," but it is not positive. Positive integers are also called "natural
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int diff = a - b; or if you need the. absolute difference. : int abs_diff = abs(a - b) and if there is any chance that your expression might overflow: int abs_diff = max(a, b) - min
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The smallest whole number is the number zero. The term whole number is used differently where it may refer to non negative integers in which case the smallest ...
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