What Is the Difference between PSI and Psig?


In dat sheets either psig or psia is used to denote the pressure.Mere psi is not sufficient to understand the correct value unless a suffix is added as indicated.PSIG refers to psi gauge:normal pressure gauges start with 0 -ignoring the atmospheric pressure.The other unit is psia - psi absolute.This can be stated as :PSIA = psig + 14.6959
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1. Divide 101,325 by 1,550, which is the number of square inches in a square meter: 101,325 ÷ 1,550 = 65.37. This is atmospheric pressure in Newtons per square inch. 2. Divide
psi is plain pounds per sq inch. psig is the pressure of a system measured by a gauge, above atmospheric pressure. Woth knowing if you are inflating a tyre say!
PSIG refers to pound/force per square inch gauge, while PSI measures the pressure relative to a vacuum. If you want to convert a figure from PSIG to PSI, you would need to add 14.7psi
PSIG + 1 atmosphere = PSIA PSIA - 1 atmosphere = PSIG 1 atmosphere is approximately
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