How are the focus and the epicenter of an earthquake different?


The focus of an earthquake is the point below the earth where earthquake originates while epicenter is the point on earth's surface just above the focus.
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What Is the Difference Between the Focus & the Epicenter of an Earthquake?
Earthquakes are violent, sudden disturbances that generate seismic waves, waves traveling outward from the origin of the earthquake in all directions. When describing an earthquake and its location, geologists often talk about its epicenter and its... More »
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The focus is the place within the Earth where the rock
Epicentre - the point on the Earth's surface directly (perpendicular) to the focus of the Earthquake. Focus (hypocentre) - the actual point of rupture. It may be shallow or deep.
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The difference between the focus and epicenter of an earthquake is where each is located. The focus is where the fault ruptures, and is considered ground zero. ...
The epicenter is place on the surface of the ground that is right on top of the focus of the earthquake; generally the place where the most damage occurs, but ...
Yes, it is true that the definition of an epicenter is the point on the surface of the Earth above the focus where the earthquake begins. The focus is also called ...
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