What Is the Distance Between Horseshoe Pegs?


According to the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association, the proper distance between horseshoe stakes is 40 feet. Stakes should stick out of the ground no more than 15 inches and no less than 14 inches, with a 3-inch lean toward each other, says the
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What Is the Distance Between Horseshoe Pegs?
Playing a game of horseshoes can be a great addition to any barbecue, camping trip or beach outing, just as long as you have the proper setup and know the rules.... More »
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Source: www.ehow.com
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The distance between the pegs of horseshoes have changed slightly.
The iron stakes should be exactly 40 feet apart; the entire court should be 50 ft long, 10 ft wide!
6. Multiple Courts. a. Side-by-side - To eliminate distraction and safely separate activity, stakes of courts adjacent to each other shall be a minimum of 10 feet apart. A greater
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Horseshoes is great outdoor game to play. It is perfect for BBQ's, birthday parties or just hanging out on weekend with friends. The distance between the horseshoe ...
When playing horseshoes, the pegs should be 40 feet apart, according to the National Horseshoe Pitcher's Association of America. However, the distance might be ...
A backyard pit is needed before placing the horseshoe poles. The measurements of the foul lines vary from who are the players. The distance between horseshoe poles ...
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