What Is the Function of the Foramen Magnum?


The foramen magnum literally translates to 'very big opening.' Remembering this can you recall that the foramen magnum is the big opening that is on the backside of the skull where the spinal cord and its components come into the skull. This allows for the brain to effectively transmit information and direction through the spinal cord to the rest of the body.
Q&A Related to "What Is the Function of the Foramen Magnum?"
the function of a foramen magnum is to connect the spinal cord to the brain. It's a hole in the occipital bone.
In anatomy the foramen magnum is an apertures in the base of the skull through which the
foramen magnum: the large opening at the base of the cranium through which the spinal cord passes
They "exist" because our bones form around major veins, arteries, nerves, etc. For example, the skull contains numerous foramina, one being the jugular foramen. I'm sure
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