Great Wall of China?


The Great Wall of China is a sequence of stone and earth built in the 5th century to protect the northern territory of the Chinese Empire from invasions by foreign tribes. The wall together with its branches is approximately 8,851km.
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The Great Wall of China
Location: China
Details: the entire wall with all of its branches measure 21,196 km (13,171 mi)
Stretching 6,000 km in a dotted line across China, the Great Wall was begun in the fifth century BC. As it snakes across the mountains, it conjures up a sense of history which is difficult to grasp until you experience it. The ancient Chinese believed that their 'Middle Kingdom' was the centre of the earth.
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The Great Wall of China is a wall built by Chinese emperors. Its purpose was to keep intruders out. It took about 500 years to build.
No man-made structure comes close to the size of the Great Wall of China. It runs 4,163 miles, or 6,700 km, across the People's Republic of China. It starts in the China Sea town
The Great Wall of China is about 5500 miles long (8851.8 kilometers). The people of the provinces that eventually made up China started building the wall over 600 years ago to help
The Great Wall History The Chinese were already familiar with the techniques of wall-building by the time of the Spring and Autumn Period, which began around the 7th century BC. During
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To be the Great Wall of China in a life size, would be very difficult. You can, however, make a replica. This will not take near as long and will not be anywhere ...
The length of the Great Wall of China is approximately 8851.8 km. It is categorised as the largest manmade cultural historical objects in the world however its ...
Based on a comprehensive archaeological survey conducted using advanced technologies, the Great wall of China, with all of its branches, stretches for 8,851.8 ...
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