What is the hierarchy of the Anglican church?


The hierarchy of the Anglican Church begins with the Monarch at the top most position. After the monarch, is the Church of England which comprises of the Holy men. Going down the hierarchy is the archbishops of Canterbury of York. The bishops come right under the archbishop who is followed by the Suffragan Bishops who are responsible for part of the bishop's diocese. Next in line are the priests who comprise the rector and the vicar. A rector is the parson of a parish church while as the vicar is parson of a parish where the tithes are impropriated. After this, comes a curate who performs divine service in the place of the incumbent, parson or vicar.
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The hierarchy of the Anglican Church has the Monarch as the head followed by The Holy Men of the Church of England. Next in ranking are the Archbishops of Canterbury and of York followed by bishops and then Sufragan Bishops then follow priests. The rector and vicar, both at the same level follow the priests. The curate is next and finally the deacon.
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