What Is the Job of Cytoplasm?


The job of the cytoplasm is to execute metabolic processes which uphold the life of the cell. In addition, it contributes to the larger whole of which the cell is part. The cytoplasm also encompasses organelles such as ribosomes, Golgi apparatus, lysosomes and mitochondria which also carry various processes in the cell.
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The cytoplasm refers to the liquid in the cell that holds the cell organelles. The cytoplasm has a number of functions. First and foremost, it contains all contents of the cell. Secondly, it provides a medium over which cellular activities occur.
The cytoplasm is a thick, clear liquid residing between the cell membrane holding organelles. Its main function is to produce energy through certain reactions which keeps the cell alive. It also carries the cell organelles and is the place where important chemical reactions happen and produces some substances during certain reactions which the cell needs.
The cytoplasm is a jelly-like fluid making up the bulk of the cell and it is made of 70-80% water, with substances dissolved in it. Its work is to carry the cell organelles and is the place where important chemical reactions happen. It also produces some substances during certain reactions which the cell needs and produces energy which keeps the cell alive.
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the cytoplasm is the space in a plant cell surrounding the nucleus.
Cytoplasm fills the cell. It helps dissolve waste products, helps materials move
It's just a semi-permeable gel that fills a cell. It is semi-permeable, so it determines what gets in and out of a cell and what doesn't. It also houses all of the parts of the cell
The cytoplasm is commonly located around the vacuole of the palisade cell. In it, chemical reactions take place, including the breaking down of glycogen, the cell's food. Source(s
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In the cytoplasm, the chemical reactions of the cell take place. ...
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