What Is the Meaning of Anthropology?


Anthropology is the study of the origin, the behaviour and the social, cultural and physical development of humans. Anthropology originated in the colonial interactions between Westerners and indigenius non-europeans as Europeans tried to understand the origins of observable cultural diversity.
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What Is the Meaning of Anthropology?
Anthropology is an important science that strives to answer many questions about human origin. To discover the meaning of anthropology, you must look at the subdivisions of anthropology and the different approaches to understanding who we are.... More »
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Anthropology is the study of human development and the changes of civilization in human history. Anthropology analyzes the physical, as well as cultural changes through human existence
Anthropology comes from Greek, not Latin, roots: anthropos. "man" and. logia. "study" (related to. logos. "word"
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Anthropology is a comparative science because various aspects of two or
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Anthropology refers to the science that deals with origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, social customs and beliefs of humankind ...
Cultural anthropology is the study of human society and culture. It is the subfield that describes, analyzes, interprets, and explains social and cultural similarities ...
Sociology and anthropology have two very distinct meanings. It would be quite difficult to use them in the same sentence. Basically, sociology is the study of ...
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