What Is the Meaning of Ensuite?


En suite is something such as an object that is part of a series or set. En suite may also refer to a bedroom in a house or a hotel that has a suited bathroom, commonly referred to as en suite bathroom.
Q&A Related to "What Is the Meaning of Ensuite"
There is no such word as ensuite. The words en suite mean to make something match. It can also means that something is connected, like a bathroom is connected to a bedroom.
A bathroom directly connected to a bedroom is often called an en-suite bathroom. Its use is primarily intended for the occupants of that bedroom only. In French the term " en-suite
The word "ensuite" in French means then in English. What else can we translate for you?
Ensuite, je vais t'expliquer ce que cela veut dire. = Thereafter (or: then) I'm going to explain you what it means. Source(s) Me ; multilingual, French is just one of my country's
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