What does Gregarious Mean?


To be gregarious is to be social or to enjoy the company of others. In the animal world, gregarious means to live in flocks or herds. In the botanical world, to be gregarious can mean to grow in groups. Look here for more information:
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fond of the company of others; sociable.
living in flocks or herds, as animals.
Botany growing in open clusters or colonies; not matted together.
pertaining to a flock or crowd.
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gre·gar·i·ous.    /grɪˈgɛəriəs/ Show Spelled[gri-gair-ee-uhs]adjective. 1. fond of the company of others; sociable. 2. living
Gregariousness: adj. tending to associate with others of one's kind; social; marked by
1. (of animals) tending to form a group with others of the same species 2. instinctively or temperamentally seeking and enjoying the company of others 3. (of plants) growing in groups
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