What Is the Meaning of Home Economics?


Home economics refers to a field of study that deals with the management and economics of the home and community. This word can also be referred to as the theory and practice or art of homemaking.
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What Is the Meaning of Home Economics?
Home economics is the study of skills that pertain to the home and involves subjects such as nutrition, cleaning, financial literacy, cooking and other home-related skills. Home economics is primarily taught in elementary and high schools.... More »
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Cleanliness A major part of home economics is learning proper cleaning procedures for the home. For example, students learn how to clean the stove and oven and how to properly sort
Home economics refers to learning techniques around daily household activities such as cooking, sewing, or taking care of housework. Many students learn some of these tasks during
Technology: The application of science, especially to industrial or commercial objectives. Home Economics: The application of science, especially to industrial or commercial objectives
A Neo-classical definition, given by Solow was how much you can produce with the same amount of inputs. Solow said producing an output good, Y, using labor, N, and capital (machines
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