What does Respiration Mean?


Respiration is the cycle of breathing in and breathing out. One respiration is a breath in and a breath out. Respiration is the way animals and people get rid of the carbon dioxide in exchange for fresh air.
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What Is the Meaning of Respiration?
When most of us think about respiration, we think about breathing, or the process of inhaling and exhaling. That's correct, but only partially so. Respiration involves both the acts of gas exchange internally and externally, which we do by breathing, and... More »
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ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is a molecule that yields the energy used to drive most of the essential chemical reactions that occur within the body. ATP is a coenzyme: it's a non-protein
First, I'll assume you mean "What does respiration mean? Then I answer, respiration is the act of respiring; inhalation and exhalation of air; breathing, or the sum total of
Artificial Respiration means forcing air into and out of the lungs
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Respiration is the process by which food is oxidized to release energy. It is a biomedical process that occurs in most known living organisms and may involve taking ...
Anaerobic respiration is a kind of respiration that does not involve oxygen. This process starts by breaking down the glucose molecules and generates pyruvic acid ...
Aerobic respiration is the process in which energy is released by decomposing of glucose enzymatically. The process is a three stage procedure the first one being ...
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