What does Saturated Mean?


If someone says that they saturated a fire, they are saying that they put the fire out using water. In other words, they covered the fire with water.
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soaked, impregnated, or imbued thoroughly; charged thoroughly or completely; brought to a state of saturation.
(of colors) of maximum chroma or purity; of the highest intensity of hue; free from admixture of white.
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The word means "to fill up to capacity" but in foodstuffs it refers to adding hydrogen atoms to fat molecules, which causes them to be less flexible, or more likely to be
Saturates -verb To imbue or impregnate thoroughly: "The recollection was saturated with
To cause to become completely penetrated, impregnated, or soaked; to fill fully; to sate. Text again!
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The adjective saturated means being most concentrated at a given conditions such as temperature. In chemistry, it is used to describe organic compounds that contain ...
Saturated means highly concentrated. It describes a state where the maximum amount of something is dissolved or absorbed such that it cannot be dissolved further ...
Saturated means unable to hold or contain more of something. It could also mean soaked with moisture. In chemistry, saturated means containing the maximum amount ...
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