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The baby girl name Julianna comes from the Hebrew word which means, 'Youthful' or 'down bearded youth' in Latin. Bearers of this name tend to be self-sufficient, natural leaders, and ambitious. They typically want to make their own decisions and are not afraid to take charge or manage a situation.
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Julianna means: A Youthful, smart and kind girl. the name means the girl is usually beautiful. JMM ROX!
The girl's name "Julianna" is Latin and means "Down-bearded youth" Thanks for
The name Julianna is of Latin origin which means "youthful or Jove's child". A lovely name!
Julianna is a combo name. Julia means soft-haired, Anne means
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Julianna is a feminine name that is of Latin origin. The name is the feminine form of the male names Julius and Julian and means 'a youthful or Jove's child'. ...
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