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Sophie is a name that means wisdom and is a variant form of the name Sophia, which is native to Greece. Sophie is a very common first name for women but is uncommonly used as a last name for people of both sexes.
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First Names: Sofia
1. Greek: Wisdom
Source: baby-names.familyeducation.com
Sophie is a French girl name. The meaning of the name is Wise. The name is widely used in French, English and In German. It is pronounced Sofija ( In Serbian and In Croatian), Sofiya (In Russian), Zofia ( In Polish), Sofia ( In Norwegian, Swedish, Italian and In Greek), Tzofiya ( In Jewish) and Zsofia ( In Hungarian) .
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Sophie does not just mean wisdom. it means high knowledge. i know because that's what mine means. its freaky because i am five time brighter than anyoe else my age. and my name means
The meaning of the name Sophie is Wisdom. The origin of the name Sophie is French. There are
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A "bagatelle" is something that is inconsequential or of little importance. In Sophie's World a bagatelle is something that becomes obvious and simple once explored and
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The meaning of the name Sophi is 'wisdom'. This name is of Greek and French origin and it is generally used in the naming of the feminine gender. It is a variant ...
The name Sophie is a female name. It originated as a Greek name which means wisdom. ...
The name Sophie is a girl's name whose meaning is 'wisdom'. The name is a variant of Sophia and it has both Greek and French origins. The name is commonly used ...
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