Mortar Mix Ratio?


Different mix ratios for mortar highly depend on the place of application. For general building above ground mix ratio for sand lime and cement is 5:1:1. For general building below the ground, the ratio is 6:1:1. and for Internal walls mortar ratio is 9:2:1.
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The ration of mixing mortar is sand to cement 5:1 or sand, lime, cement in the ratio of5:1:1 respectively for the general building above the ground. For the general building below the ground the ratio is cement to sand 3:1 or sand, lime, cement 6:1:1.
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Gravel is added with mortar to make concrete.
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I have used a 3/1 mix on quite a few fires over the years and never had any problems as lime mortar is pretty flexible. However a weaker mix may be better, but I havn't used one so
I have a late 1960's Ted Williams air-cooled 7.5 hp outboard produced by Eska with the manual. The manual states 24:1. Hope it helps.
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