What Is the National Dress of Brazil?


The national dress is not stated, but the Brazilians pride themselves on dressing well. Men should wear conservative, dark coloured business suits. Three-piece suits typically indicate that someone is an executive. Women should wear suits or dresses that are elegant and feminine with good quality accessories. Manicures are expected.
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Brazil has no National dress; however, they have a traditional dress. The women wear brightly coloured shawls, long skirts and a turban-like scarf on their head. The Brazilian people like to wear decent clothes at all times.
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I'm brazilian, there isn't really a national dress, unless of course you search up Carnival then you'll get many variety of clothes. Other than that everyone wears normal daily clothes
1. Know European fashion trends because most fashion in Brazil is based on them. In general, business suits need to be European cut. To dress for parts of Brazil that are south of
1. Brazilians dress up to catch the plane - start your Brazilian wardrobe by getting ready at home. Clothes should be new, ironed, clean and individual. Bright colours, patterns and
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