What Is the National Dress of Brazil?


The national dress is not stated, but the Brazilians pride themselves on dressing well. Men should wear conservative, dark coloured business suits. Three-piece suits typically indicate that someone is an executive. Women should wear suits or dresses that are elegant and feminine with good quality accessories. Manicures are expected.
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Brazil has no National dress; however, they have a traditional dress. The women wear brightly coloured shawls, long skirts and a turban-like scarf on their head. The Brazilian people like to wear decent clothes at all times.
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I'm brazilian, there isn't really a national dress, unless of course you search up Carnival then you'll get many variety of clothes. Other than that everyone wears normal daily clothes
Brazil religion has a powerful heritage of Roman Catholicism which dates
there is none
Caipirinha (Portuguese pronunciation: [kajpi? is Brazil's national
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