Greece National Flower?


The national flower of Greece is the Bear's Breech, which is scientifically known as Acanthus mollis.The flower has spikes which are mostly used in floral arrangements when dry. Other popular flowers and plants in the country are roses, oleander flowers, tulips, acerolas and daffodils.
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The National flower for Greece is the Bear’s Breech. The fresh or dried flower spikes are usually used in floral arrangements. The Bears Breech is used as a symbol for Greece.
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Whoa, there, you're trying to catch me on this one, huh? Truth is Greece has no set national flower or bird.While the most famous varieties of flora in the Greek nation are the 'violet
Greece has no set national flower or bird......While the most famous varieties of flora in the Greek nation are the 'violet', 'laurel', and the 'Bear's breech', none have been adopted
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In many countries, flowers have been chosen to represent the nation or specific geographic areas. Greece state flower is the violet however, they also use the ...
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It' s ouzo. ...
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