What Is the PH of Sour Milk?


The pH of sour milk is 4.4 and not more than 7 it comes under the category of acids. The lower the value will be on the pH scale the more acidic the solution will be and so, sour milk is normal acid.
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You can make sour milk quickly by adding distilled vinegar (one table spoon) for each cup of whole milk (or at least 2%). Let it stand for about 15 minute and you will see it curdling
1. Open the carton or jug of milk and smell the liquid. If the milk smells rancid or sour throw it away. However, a sour smell is not always a sole indicator of soured milk. 2. Pour
1. Bake with it. Bake. with it. sour milk ginger bread. for starters. Use it instead of buttermilk in. cornbread. Add to pancake batter. Add to bread dough baked in the bread machine
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Milk is considered an acid because most milk types are below seven on the pH scale. Also, sour milk has a pH level of 4.4, while regular milk has a pH level of ...
Sour milk is milk that has gone past its date of freshness. Sour milk is okay to use in baking up to a certain point, but if it is very soured it should be discarded ...
Soured milk is milk that has turned sour. It is classified as a food product and thus it is different from spoiled milk. Sour milk normally has a tart taste and ...
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