What is the role of the cilia in the trachea?


Cilia are hair-like structures that sweep dust and mucus out of the trachea and into your throat.
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The Trachea and Bronchi
The trachea or windpipe is a cartilaginous and membranous tube, extending from the lower part of the larynx, on a level with the sixth cervical vertebra, to the upper border of the fifth thoracic vertebra, where it divides into the two bronchi... More »
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the trachea is also known as the windpipe. it branches into 2 smaller structures, called the bronchi. from here, they branch into brochioles and then into alveoli. everything except
The trachea has an inner diameter of
On the surface of the bronchus and bronchiole are cilia hard at work eliminating foreign particles. Also there are bronchial glands and germinal cells which finally work to complete
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The main function of the trachea or the windpipe is to let the passage of air into the lungs for respiration. It also has a role in the smooth functioning of the ...
The main function of the trachea is to allow inhaled air to travel into and out of the lungs to and from the atmosphere. It also plays a significant role in the ...
Mucus is a thick substance which is found in the nose, nasopharynx, sinuses, bronchi trachea, larynx, and in different parts of the body. It plays a vital role ...
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