What Is the Weather like in Tenerife in December?


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Current weather in Tenerife, Canary Islands
Scattered Clouds
66º/55º 19º/13º
64º/54º 18º/12º
63º/54º 17º/12º
63º/54º 17º/12º
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Tenerife is located in the Atlantic Ocean and during December, the average temperature is 20 degrees. It has a localised weather but can have three distinct weather zones. There is no much rain but sunshine days are a guarantee and one can visit Tenerife weather for same day weather.
The weather in Tenerife in December is that of an average daytime temperatures of around 21°C / 70°F, night times can often feel much cooler.
The weather in Tenerife at Christmas and New Year is an average temperature of 19. 5 degrees Celsius . The island has a warm climate year-round with an average of 20? - 22?C in the winter and 26? - 28?C in the summer and high sunshine .
In Tenerife the November weather can be cool withy the average temperature at 19.5, the humidity at 64%, average rainfall at 17.3mm and about 6.2 hours of sunshine.
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Tenerife is a Spanish Island. It is the smallest of the Canary Islands right off the coast of Africa. The weather there varies a great deal by season and also by your location on
I would imagine quite hot around that time, also it may be rainy, but i think the rain would be at a minimum.
Spain's North Coast experiences some of the mildest December temperatures in the country, although it also receives more rain than any other region. Average December temperatures
Jonathan's remarks about the wind are very relevant. Depending on where you are spending your time in the city, it can get very windy which will make the cold feel particularly more
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The weather in Tenerife at Christmas and New Year is an average temperature of 19. 5 degrees Celsius . The island has a warm climate year-ro ... view more. ...
Tenerife is in the Northern Atlantic zone and it has one of the world’s best climates. During winter the average temperature is 20°c with the odd spots ...
Tenerife is warm all year round. You will definently have fun. It is a little bit calmer after the summer and carnaval. Take 1 nice sweater and 1 pair of long ...
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