What Is the Weather like in Tenerife in May?


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Current weather in Tenerife, Canary Islands
Mostly Cloudy
68º/54º 20º/12º
64º/54º 18º/12º
63º/55º 17º/13º
64º/54º 18º/12º
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May is usually spring and temperatures are at 22°C with some sun during the day. At night temperatures go down to around 16°C.Rainfall also decreases and sunshine levels creep up, reaching an average of nine hours per day.
Tenerife is described as the largest and most populous of the seven Canary Islands with a land area of 2,034.38 km² (785.47 mi2). It has 906,854 inhabitants which is 43% of the total population of the Islands. The island which is on latitude of the Sahara Desert enjoys a warm climate year-round with an average of 20° - 22°C in the winter and 26° - 28°C in the summer and high sunshine totals. For more information you can visit website such as holiday-weather which provides weather forecast and holiday weather.
The weather in Tenerife at around this time of the year is mainly sunny during the day and clear skies at night. There may be a few periods of partly cloudy skies at night but no rain per se. Temperatures hit a low of about 19 ? C(66 ?F) and highs of about 24 ?C( 75 ?F).
Weather conditions in Tenerife don't change drastically during the course of the year. Officially, the island of Tenerife is where there is the least seasonal weather change anywhere in the world, which is why it's often called The Island of Eternal Spring, however, conditions can vary widely at different points around the island.
Weather conditions change depending on the day and wind directions. They keep on changing day by day. If you want to view the current weather of Tenerife, you could refer to this website: www.canaries-live.com/UK/weather-forecast.html.
Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands of Spain and in May day temperatures are normally 24oC on average with never-ending sunny weather, low humidity and a variety of micro climates. This is the time when many people choose to visit the island which is ranked as one of the top tourist destinations because of its warm climate.
Tenerife is the biggest and most populous of the seven Canary Islands; The Island has a hot, tropical climate and enjoys about 50 weeks of sunlight in a year. In the period of March to June the weather is sunny with temperatures reaching around 25-30 C/ 77-86 F but on hotter days the temperatures may reach around 35C / 95F.
Tenerife weather changes depending on the location. The weather occasionally includes rain ,cold wind and snow. The Island offers a maximum and minimum annual average air temperature of about 15C in winter and 24C in summer. The trade winds and refreshing Gulf air currents are the major weather factors that contribute to Tenerife's climate.
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Tenerife is a Spanish Island. It is the smallest of the Canary Islands right off the coast of Africa. The weather there varies a great deal by season and also by your location on
I would imagine quite hot around that time, also it may be rainy, but i think the rain would be at a minimum.
Climate changes such as sea level rise and periods of drought are common depending on the region of Barbados. Bridgetown is especially at risk, as are Holetown and beachfront hotels
Hi Lou, just asked a couple of friends that have been there, the Temp is pretty constant between 28 and 32C. There is the off days due to rain, but my friends said it didn't stop
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I would imagine quite hot around that time, also it may be rainy, but i think the rain would be at a minimum. ...
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