What Is the Working Population of the UK?


According to a survey that was done by Baring Asset management, the current working population of the UK is approximately 33.6 million citizens. This represents half of the entire UK population, and in this number is bound to increase, because of the increasing rate of unemployment. The UK working population is primarily made up of older citizens who are over 6po years, hence, an indication that the youth are the worst affected by the current unemployment in the UK.
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The working population in UK represent 62% of the resident population in the UK which stood at 61,792,000 in the year 2009. This covered males between the ages of 16 and 64 and females between the ages 16 and 59.
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The population of the UK, as of July 2008, is 60,943,912. This number is as close to accurate as possible as censuses are generally only done once every year or so.
According to Govt statisitcs apporx 18million of the population work.
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