What Is Thickening of the Sigmoid Colon?


Thickening of the sigmoid colon means the wall of the colon is thickened, due to inflammation. Small pockets develop in the intestinal wall (diverticulitis), in which faeces become trapped, causing inflammation or infection, giving the left iliac fossa pain (diverticulitis). It is caused by lack of fibre in the diet and/or chronic constipation and is fairly common and its treatment is to increase dietary fibre and increase fluid intake.
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If you mean angioectasia it is. Dilated tufts of capillaries in the skin, usually seen in older people as red or purplish areas on the skin of the trunk. Correct me if i am wrong
The functions of the sigmoid and rectum are transmitting stool toward the
The sigmoid colon is the part of the colon that holds waste so if it's enlarged it has waste in it.
Andrea B - Not all your findings fit neatly in one diagnosis. As for your diverticuli, know that about half of all people over 50 years old have diverticulosis, most of which is not
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