What is tourism planning?


Tourism planning is the process of considering the needs of people planning a trip and using those factors to determine the best resources, programs and activities for their trip.Tourism planning is intended for local residents and businesses of the location, as well as tourists who travel there. The planning process is essential as it provides plenty of resources and information for travelers, while ensuring that the location and local businesses provide everything needed to improve their tourism. In tourism planning, every factor is considered, ranging from finding a variety of accommodations to fit travelers' different wants and needs to locating special programs and activities in that location.
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Natural resources. Cultural resources. Finace. Labor. Competition. Community. Governement Policy. Organization and Leadership.
1. Define your objectives. These should be broad-reaching goals your organization would like to accomplish through a marketing plan. For example, you could attempt to increase the
Tourism planning involves the coordination with other government agencies to improve tourism-related infrastructure. The planning also extends to participation of the private sector
Tourism-related taxes are usually local taxes rather than state taxes. For example, San Francisco has a hotel tax that is 1% - 1.5% of room revenue. But on your last trip to California
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