TT Payment Meaning?


TT payment which stands for Telegraphic transfer payment is an electronic way of transferring funds overseas. Through this method of payment the funds are generally expected to be available to the beneficiary within 24 hours and one of its advantages is that you can also track payments.
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TT stands for telegraphic transfer, a form of bank transfer, TT payments are a cheap and fast way of transferring money overseas through most banks. This is said to be one of the simplest forms of international transfers.
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TT - Telegraphic Transfer. A method of payment where and immediate transfer of funds takes place between two bank accounts. in this case, the buyer will have no control over the receipt
Means Telegraphic Transfer.
TT means telegraphic transfer...It is mainly used internationally for paying from one account to other account.If you want to pay to anybody in UK from your country in general you
The balance of payments or BOP is what all countries use to monitor all international monetary transactions at a certain point and time.
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