What is upthrust in water?


An upthrust force is any force that tends to propel a submerged object upwards and makes it lose heaviness in a fluid. Upthrust can also be referred to as buoyancy. Hence an object floats due to balanced force between upthrust of the fluid (pushing upwards) and weight of the object (pushing downwards).
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Buoyancy or upthrust is the force that pushes a submerged object up and makes it seem to have less weight in a fluid (liquid or gas) is called upthrust. Upthrust is the force responsible for keeping ships from sinking and swimmers on or near the surface of the water. The magnitude of upthrust is equal to the weight of the volume of the fluid that is displaced by the submerged body.
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When objects are immersed in water they weigh less due to a force called buoyancy or upthrust that pushes them up. This happens because water has a high density ...
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