What Is Wenge Finish?


Wenge finish is a dark brown colour that is applied on wood to make it look like it is real wenge wood. It is chocolate coloured with amber highlights just resembling the wenge wood.
Q&A Related to "What Is Wenge Finish"
A wenge finish is like a dark brown/chocolate color. This color often resembles a piece of wood since it has black streaks in it and gives off a texture.
Wengé is a tropical timber from Africa, very dark and dense. Its figure is very distinctive with a strong partridge pattern: because of this outspoken figure it is in and out
I'm not familiar with 'wenge' but assume you are trying to get a stain job that is dark and covers most of the grain. Typically it is hard to apply multiple coats of stain, once the
Wenge is a very dark brown espresso color. Our wenge finish products may come in slight variations of color, this image is only meant to present some of these possible color variations
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