What language did the Sioux Indians speak?


According to the Lakota Language Consortium, the native language of the Sioux Indian tribe is Lakota. Roughly 6,000 people still speak the language as of 2014. To help the language survive, activists have developed Lakota immersion classes and programs to bring Lakota back into the homes of the Sioux.

Lakota, like many other languages, is the lifeblood of the Sioux culture. The majority of Sioux speakers live in North Dakota and South Dakota. Lakota is one of the five Siouan languages spoken by the Lakota Sioux Indians and is one of the primary three languages spoken by the Sioux Indians.

The Lakota language is written phonetically. Because of this, there are many spelling variations for each word. The spoken language is highly accented with a heavy reliance on vowels. Lakota grammar follows the subject-object-verb agreement, with occasional exceptions. Lakota does not have one dedicated alphabet, but has several alphabets based on the origin of the letter.

The Lakota language is critical to the Sioux culture because it holds the history, culture and spirituality of the Sioux together. During the colonization of America, settlers attempted to eradicate Lakota by forcing Sioux children to attend Christian schools.

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The Sioux Indians wore traditional Native American garments, such as headdresses and clothing made from dried or tanned animal hides. They wore moccasins too.
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