What License Do I Need to Drive a Quad Bike?


One requires a full UK car licence to drive a road legal quadbike. Generally, it is illegal to drive a quadbike on roads or tarmac as they do not conform to the safety regulations. To drive a quadbike away from the road, one only needs to be 18 years old.
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A quad bike is the newest mode of transportation and it is gaining popularity .If want to drive it on the road as legal quad bike, you need to have a drivers license or an insurance coverage policy.
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1. Get on the ATV and turn the ignition switch to the "On" position. The headlights and indicator lights should come on. Most quad bikes use a "one down, four up"
It depends on the law of your individual state or country.
WELL IF YOU LIVE IN MICHIGAN your four wheeler has to be 650 cc's or bigger needs blinkers tail lights and head lights and DOT street tires you would also need a motor cycle endorsement
Up to 450kgs unladen it is £66.00
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