What Makes a Bird Fly?


Birds use their wings to propel themselves forward and also take advantage of wind and aerodynamics in order to maintain their flight. They have hollow bones that help keep them light and able to take full advantage of flight.
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The shape of the wings make a bird fly. To fly the bird uses it's wings to lift and propel; bird uses it's tail to steer. Birds with larger wings are able to glide.
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Birds have the ability to fly because they have hinged wings. This allows for the wings to push air downward, allowing them to fly through the air. Look here for more information:
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When a bird flaps its wings, air is pushed downward. This produces an opposite force that "lifts" the bird into the air. Since a bird's wing is in the shape of an airfoil,
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Birds use their wings in order to fly in the air. The shape of their wind and their body allows them to propel in the air and glide if the wind picks up. ...
Not all birds fly, for instance the ostrich and the penguins. However, most birds can fly and flying birds have strong, hollow bones and powerful flight muscles. ...
Birds can fly because their wings are shaped like aerofoils thus when wind passes over them they generate upward pressure that causes a bird to fly. The bones ...
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