What Makes a Good Questionnaire?


Some of the characteristics of a good questionnaire are: Open-ended questions which allow the respondent to express himself fully. It should have an attractive appearance, as well as having well arranges, logically sequenced questions. It should be uncluttered and easy to read. A questionnaire should also avoid having loaded questions.
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1. Determine the type of information you want to before you begin to write survey questions. Be specific when formulating your questions concerning the topic of interest. 2. Decide
1. Decide what you would like to learn from your questionnaire. This will help you come up with questions to ask and the order in which to ask them. Ask yourself how you will use
As few questions as possible Basic language Designed to tease out different ratings/opinions, and not just all answers being the highest rating. Questions related to what you want
Questionnaire and survey on such subject on individuals will not give any concrete in put. Collect data from maternity hospitals.
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There are several characteristics of a good questionnaire. The first thing to decide is what type of questionnaire you want to create. The type will usually be ...
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