What Products Contain Borate?


Some amount of borate in the soil is essential for plant use and, according to Borax, crop yields can be increased as much as 40 percent by adding borate fertilizer to depleted soils. The crops which seem the most sensitive to borate, and the ones on
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What Products Contain Borate?
Borate is a salt or esther of boric acid found in nature in shale, coal, sedimentary rocks, in the oceans and in many soils. Borate has a wide variety of commercial and household uses, including in detergents, ceramics, agriculture, wood treatments,... More »
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A borate is a salt or ester of boric acid in which the anions contain both boron and oxygen. Common borate salts are sodium metaborate and borax. The most simple ...
Sodium Borate, also known as Borax, has a variety of uses. It is used in household products, food additives, fire retardant, in biochemistry, mining, metallurgy ...
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