What size is a 26-inch waist?


A 26-inch waist is a size small for women and a size extra small for men. This sizing varies slightly from one manufacturer and material to the next.

A 26-inch waist is a small size for a man or a woman. Garments in this size have the same length in women's clothing but limited lengths for men's pants and slacks. A size small varies from one designer to the next and depending on fabric, so what measures as a small in one brand is not necessarily going to fit someone with a 26-inch waist. Different kinds of garments also differ in sizing, as is the case with jackets and dresses.

Q&A Related to "What size is a 26-inch waist?"
In the UK a women with a 26inch waist is a size 8 ! 25 1/2 inch waist is a 6.
22 inches.
i'd say a little too small for you more like an 8-10 but please don't buy it and get smaller just to fit into it becuase the way things are going every women on this planet will want
Well, a woman with a 26-inch waist would generally wear
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