What size shoe is a 38?


For women, the European shoe size 38 coverts to a U.S. size 7 1/2. In men's shoes, size 38 equals an American size 6 shoe.

A size 38 shoe is designed to fit a foot 9 5/8 inches long. Around the world, countries use a variety of measurements for shoes. For example, in Japan, European size 38 converts to size 24 for men and 23 1/2 for women. The United Kingdom equivalent is 5 1/2 for men and 5 for women. Australian sizes change to men's size 5 1/2 and women's size 6. In Mexico, the conversion is size 4 1/2 for both men and women.

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it is a size 8.
A European ladies size 38 would be an American ladies size 7.5. Thanks for
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New Balance 993 - size 14.
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