What Size Wakeboard is Right for Me?


Finding out what size wakeboard is right for you can be a tough thing! Consultants in the shops can help you. Base the size of the board on your experience and ability level.You can find more information here:
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What Size Wakeboard Do I Need?
Experience gliding through the water at great speeds and performing mid-air tricks on a wakeboard. Wakeboarding is a fun, adventurous water sport that involves riding a board over the water surface while being towed by a motorboat. If you want to attain... More »
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1. Start with length. The two most important factors in choosing a wakeboard are the size and skill of the rider. Unlike athletes choosing a snowboard, weight, not height, determines
Use a one-size-fits-all philosophy when inviting friends to wakeboard (usually around
I would suggest to get a board length of around 130 to 133. I've been wakeboarding for about 5 years and my favorite boards are liquid force. Since you are experienced when similar
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The size wakeboard that is right for you depends on your height and weight. Each wakeboard is specific to a persons body measurements. This allows for the proper ...
There are aftermarket accessory stores that you can choose from. They come in various sizes and styles. There are custom ones and universal ones. ...
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