Which Smells or Herbs Will Repel Cats?


Cats do not understand that they are not always welcome everywhere. They lounge at will on furniture or in the coolness of gardens. If you have a problem with their unwanted presence, avoid using toxic substances to keep them away. Take advantage of
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There are certian "repelling" granules that you can find in pet stores that will keep dogs out of certain places in the yard. They also hate the smell of rubbling alcohol
1 Use citrus scented cleaners on counter tops, appliances, furniture and other places in your home where you do not want your cats to go. Ad 2 Toss lavender and orange or lemon peels
Other rodents or food can repel mice!
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If neighborhood cats are a problem in your yard, there are some scents that you can use to repel the cats. Certain smells will make cats want to leave your yard ...
A good indoor cat repellent deters a pet cat from being mischievous without any side effects. It should not have a strong smell and it also should not cause any ...
You can keep cats away from your garden by using a cat repellant such as 'Shake-Away'. The commercial cat repellant bears the smell of urine of predators that ...
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