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Current time in Dubai, UAE
April 18, 2014
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Dubai is a country and the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Its capital is Abu Dhabi. Dubai Standard Time zone is UTC/GMT +4 hours. Dubai is under (GST) Gulf Standard Time Zone. UTC and GMT stand for Coordinated Universal Time and Greenwich Mean Time respectively.
Standard Time Zone of Dubai is UTC/GMT is +4 hours. UK is 4 hours behind than Dubai. Dubai is in Gulf Standard Time Zone (GST). UTC and GMT stand for Coordinated Universal Time and Greenwich Mean Time respectively.
Dubai is in the Gulf Standard time with an offset of +4 hours. To get the time in Dubai you have to find out what time zone you are in first. For example London is in Greenwich meridian time with an offset of 0, so to get the time in Dubai if you are in London, you will have to add 4 hours to your current time to get the current time in Dubai.
Dubai is normally is four hours ahead of Greenwich Meridian time (GMT+4:00) while the UK Standard Time is the same as GMT. Therefore, to know the time in Dubai, you should add four hours to the current time in the UK. However, from the last Sunday in march to the last Sunday in October, the UK applies one hour for daylight savings such that the UK time becomes GMT+1. During this time, the time difference between Dubai and the UK is three hours.
Time in Dubai is of course different from all the other countries in the world, owing to its location on the UTC/GMT+4 Standard Time Zone. The unique feature of Dubai Time is that it is devoid of any daylight saving adjustments.
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